Tuning Schedules


There is lots of room around Tent City for initial tuning & rehearsal.

The contest arena and final tuning spots are 3-4 minutes walk from Tent City. Bands will cross a foot bridge to gain access.​ NO playing once across the bridge except for in the tuning areas.

Four (4) allocated tune up areas will be set up behind the main grandstand.


Bands have scheduled times slots for their allocated area. Bands will have about 30 minutes tuning time before moving to the Final Tuning Spot.

The following schedules set out your:

  • Recommended time to leave Tent City and go to the tuning area.

  • Allocated Tuning Area

  • Time to move to the Final Tuning Spot

  • Recommended time to leave for the Contest Board

Please, No playing past the marked “NO PLAY” line.

Download a copy of allocated tuning areas and times
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