Our youth focused group sessions give kids the opportunity to see if piping or drumming is right for them.

Bagpipe myth.

Not that hard.


Bagpipes are actually not that difficult to blow. Just ask poppy, she's 12.

CPB Learner Programme.

Humble beginnings.

Our group sessions teach the first set of skills to get jumpstarted into the pipe band experience.

Celtic Group Tuition for Beginners.

We offer a great starters group class with tuition and instrument hire included.

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Bagpipes, snare drum & tenor drum.

An Instrument for Everyone.

With bagpipes, snare, tenor and bass drums,

pipe bands offer a diverse experience.

Our Mission Statement.

Celtic Pipe Band inc. is an organisation that displays high quality music, professionalism, inclusiveness and mentorship. We strive to have a place for all persons regardless of skill level. Everyone has a place so long as they contribute positively to the culture of our team. Our Pipe band operates at a number of different levels. 

Group Learner Sessions.

This is an entrance for all people to begin in. We offer a term by term try out period for new learners to give it a go and see if bagpipes, snare drum or tenor drumming is right for them.


Practise instruments are provided with rental fee included within term fees. This is intended for kids around 8 to 12, but not exclusive. We take on all adults wanting to learn.


The lessons are group based, typically 2-5 learners per teacher for a lesson period of 30 mins. Learners are asked to practise for 10 minutes everyday to develop the fine motor skills required and continue advancing as a group.


This kind of structure is very low cost and we encourage people to search for the instrument that is most rewarding for them. 

Grade 4a Pipe Band

Our Grade 4a pipe band is our entrance level competition pipe band. This band performs on a proud level, displaying both musical ability and developing promise. The members in this band are made up of young players, adult learners, experience players and others wishing to play at a level they feel comfortable in. Our experienced players provide an important solid vessel for those wanting to progress through to the G2 band. The opportunities in this band include; playing at both regional and national championship contests, Nelson region street march displays such as ANZAC parade, NMIT graduation ceremony parade, local concert performances and more.

Grade 2 Pipe Band

Our Grade 2 band is our highest ranked competitive pipe band. It is a grade all players can be proud of playing in and marks a recognisable achievement in an individuals musical ability and hard work. In Grade 2, members have great oppurtunities to play in both regional and national championships, shows, concerts, parades and performances. The Grade 2 band is also afforded the previledge of playing at international events. In 2014 we were invited to play at the German Musik parade tour. Later this year Celtic will be playing at the World Championships held annually in Scotland's Glasgow Green. Celtic have also been invited to attend and perform in Shanghai, China in 2019. 

The grade 2 band works on developing leaders, teachers, strong players and positive mentors/role models for our younger band community.

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