Bagpipe & Drum lessons for kids

In 2021 we are offering group lessons for school kids aged around 8-11 years. Lessons cost $50 per term which includes the rental hire of equipment. Learners can enjoy challenging and rewarding music instruction as well as hone their theory in music games and meet new friends. This is a low cost entry point for pipe banding, give it a go and see if it’s right for you.


Our team of voluntary tutors are dedicated to giving learners a well rounded and rewarding music journey that will set them up with skills they will take with them throughout life. Throughout their first year, kids will play on practise instruments and have fun learning the technical movements required to graduate onto full instruments.

Greater support for at home practise

Make practise habits easy by playing along to our online videos.

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Private side drumming tuition


Private bagpipe tuition

Bagpipe myth.

Not that hard.


Bagpipes are actually not that difficult to blow. Just ask Poppy, she's 12.

Celtic Group Tuition for Beginners.

We offer a great starters group class with tuition and instrument hire included.

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Bagpipes, snare drum & tenor drum.

An Instrument for Everyone.

With bagpipes, snare, tenor and bass drums,

pipe bands offer a diverse experience.

Celtic Pipe Band inc. is an organisation that displays high quality music, professionalism, inclusiveness and mentorship. We strive to have a place for all persons regardless of skill level. Everyone has a place so long as they contribute positively to the culture of our team. Our Pipe band operates at a number of different levels. 

Our Mission Statement.

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